Buying a Piano

Tips on Buying and Selling New or Used Pianos

Tips on Buying a Piano from The Piano Technicians Guild

AZ Piano News: Find detailed, expert reviews on many, various models of acoustic & digital pianos. Also has information about purchasing digital or acoustic pianos.

Purchasing and Caring for a Piano: PianoEducation.org

Tips on Buying a Piano (Acoustic)

Sheet Music

The Music of Jon Schmidt: The music I am playing at the start of each lesson is called "All of Me" by Jon Schmidt. He is a composer and performer, and he has composed lots of beautiful and fun music for piano.

Music for Music Teachers: This excellent site features dozens of selections of free printable sheet music for beginners through more advanced players. Click on the link "Piano Music" to find printable music for beginners.

Free Scores: Sheet music is available from this site in high-res PDF files that are printable. If you want to listen to the music as well, MP3s are available for most songs.

8notes: This site allows you to look at sheet music online, print that sheet music, and even listen to an audio file of the songs.

Free Kids Music: A bunch of quality kids music available for free!

Music for Kids

10 Classical Recordings to Start Your Kids With

Classical Music for a Family Roadtrip

Classics for Kids: On this site you'll find podcasts (both available to download and to listen to on the site) focusing on songs for children. If your kids are interested, they can also play games and take quizzes on the website.

Classical Music for Kids: If you are wanting to purchase and/or download single songs, or even whole albums, this is the place to go. 

Classical Music 4 Kids: This is a blog with information on classical songs the writer finds to be good for children. You can also find album reviews and tops on how to get your child to listen to classical music.

Music Education Online: Ranked Number One for "Online Music Education" 

Music Success Now: The Cercone Learning Music Method uses Whole Brain Accelerated Learning techniques in order to make the learning of music faster, more enjoyable and easier to remember.

Kids Music: Kidsmusic is the UK's best online shop for children's music. Here you can purchase CDs, cassettes, DVDs and even download your favourite children's songs and rhymes, all suitable for children aged from 2 to 7 yrs. 

GuitarZOnline: Online guitar piano lessons for beginngers.

Helpful Links
Piano Parents: Joseph Hoffman's blog with tips and ideas for parents about making piano practice effective and fun.

​Free E-Newsletter: Sign up for Mr. Hoffman's weekly newsletter for updates and articles to help piano students get the most out of their music lessons.

Hoffman Academy of Music: Learn more about the Music Academy in Portland, Oregon where FreePianoLessons4Kids instructor Joseph Hoffman teaches.

Music Mind Games: A site where you can purchase music learning teaching and learning aids. You will often see me using Music Mind Games materials in my video lessons (for example, those colored notes that you can move around on the staff).