FreePianoLessons4Kids Instructor Joseph Hoffman, M.M.
"I have two kids taking your lessons and we love them!  I am learning along with them and they are really developing a love for the piano. Also, I am grateful for the lack of cost and also the ability to have it in our home when it is convenient for us! Thank you so much! 

Emelie Fairchild
Iron Mountain, Michigan

"I have six-year-old triplets. We are all taking your lessons together. I have never played or learned any musical instruments to date. This has been a great learning tool for all of us. Thank you for your work and please keep going."

Steve Bugnacki
Newington, Connecticut

"I have 3 small children and they can't take their eyes off of you when your lessons play next to our piano. I came across your website and youtube videos and immediately downloaded the supplemental materials. You create fun, interactive lessons that captivate the attention of young children and teach so many essential learning skills for piano! Thank you so much for what you are doing."

Denille Ingalls
Las Vegas, Nevada

"Mr. Hoffman's lessons are a valuable tool for my classroom teaching in grades 1-3. My students are glued to the screen as they listen to the darling "Piano Street Story" which teaches the keys C, D and E and they clap along with great enthusiasm as they learn the
quarter note and eighth note rhythms. Mr. Hoffman's approach to teaching music theory and the piano is not only creative and fun, but demonstrates a solid understanding of how children learn by incorporating visual aids, imagery, games and physical movement. His reasonably priced downloadable materials are a very useful supplement to the lessons."

Linda Johnson
Music Teacher
University Place, Washington

"I would like to thank you for your valuable lessons. My son who is 5 is really enjoying learning the piano with your help. I am also learning with him along the way. The lessons are very educational and I am pleased with my son's progress. The supplementary lesson material has been also very helpful."

Carolyn C.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

"Thank you so much for these lovely resources!  My five-year-old daughter loves learning piano with you.  I am an accomplished pianist myself, but the thought of teaching the basics to my little girl was a bit scary to me.  I love that you make it playful, fun, and simple.  She is doing really well!"

Kristy Tapper
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

"Joseph Hoffman has provided such a thoughtful, well-rounded music education program.  He has capitalized on so many great philosophies and rolled them into one fine program.  He has incorporated ear training, dictation, rhythm work, composition, technical training, and reading. You couldn't ask for a more dedicated teacher with a very up-to-date background on the latest and greatest in piano teaching.  He clearly has a grasp of how young children learn and uses games and goal setting to great advantage to build desire in the children."

Karen Baughman
Piano Teacher
Seattle, Washington

"Joseph Hoffman has excellent technical knowledge and ability. He clearly makes the most of his academic and performance training in music. As a teacher, he is clear and engaging. As a performer, he both inspires and instructs those he teaches. Joseph's love of music and his ability have been a real motivation to our children--and to other students."

Chris and Amy Randall
Provo, Utah

"As a teacher, Joseph Hoffman's love for people, particularly young people, shines through."

K. Newell Dayley
Associate Academic Vice President, BYU
Provo, Utah
Testimonials about FreePianoLessons4Kids and Instructor Joseph Hoffman, M.M.